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  1. I have attached the terms and conditions laid out in the entrance. I can confirm that my parking was accurate in the bay but I did breach the condition of walking away from the site after parking. Any thoughts? IMG_1977.pdf
  2. Thanks Dave. The car park is closer to me. I will go and double check the signage. Thank you for the advice!
  3. Yes. I read this post. signs will be the key here. --> I definitely remember parking between 2 white lines and one side is visible in one of the pics (which I have attached) Any advice on appeal?
  4. Thanks Dave. Should I just pay the concessionary charge of £60? Also, (sorry for my ignorance), what am I throwing away under POFA 2012 law if i appeal?
  5. All, Hope someone can help me. I parked my car in Brook Retail Car Park, Ruislip, HA40LN on 10th December for less than 90 mts (their max allowed time is 90 mts). I didnt find any windscreen PCN on my car I have received a letter today dated 17th December 2020 asking me to pay the fine. The reason is Parked in Restricted / Prohibited area. I definitely parked in a bay and I can also see a car next to mine in the picture. Futher, in one of their photos, I see a windscreen PCN but i didnt find it when i took the car. I would lik
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