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  1. Hi all, just to give you an update and close the thread - I received £10 back from the gym and no further communication from DCF. Thank you for your advice on this matter!
  2. You are right. The gym confirmed they had processed the refund and I should get £10 back by the end of the year. If no money has been received in the first week of January, I will contact my bank for the refund.
  3. Dear all, thank you very much for all your replies. I have just received an email from DFC saying my account has been closed and no further payments are due - happy end!
  4. Dear all, I have read a few similar threads on this website but it's the very first time I deal with a debt collection case. It makes me feel super anxious and I will be grateful if you could please confirm if there is anything I should do. I signed up to a local gym in August (£10 DD payments taken on 15th), however decided to cancel the membership as of October. The membership Ts&Cs stated a 3-month fixed period with a 30-day notice period. I contacted the gym via social media and asked them to cancel my subscription on 12 Oct. They con
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