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  1. I still have the option of getting the refund onto my credit card from store but either way they get the money.
  2. Hi, just thought I would share an update as things have progressed to a somewhat reasonable outcome. I ordered a second item on my credit card, ensuring it was here before Christmas and indeed it arrived next day (despite no tracking information or dispatch confirmation). I wrote a letter detailing the agreement I had with the store manager and sent copies to him and customer services. Today I received an email from the investigation team stating the my item was indeed lost and was now out of stock. I can either choose another item for the same value or be sent vou
  3. I've posted the letter to the customer services team, and will had deliver the same letter to store tomorrow. I'm getting very nervous that the item is in fact out of stock, despite being able to purchase it online for next day delivery (£5) as of 15:48 I have not received a dispatch confirmation. I know its still possible that I will come tomorrow, but at this point I have no faith in them. I actually work for Harrods, as a manager in the IT department, and decided I should try an email to Currys CEO Alex Baldock ([email protected]), expressing my di
  4. Great advice, thank you. Mike is the general manager who made the agreement with me, around 12:30 on17/12/2020 I'll be sure to write a letter to both Mile and customer services as you have suggested!
  5. Having had this on my mind for an unreasonable amount of time, I checked this morning and the items is back in stock. I've bought another on my credit card and let the store manager know that I'd take up his offer. Either the original will turn up and I can return this one, or I will get a refund onto my card and make payment with replacement vouchers. My only real concern now is if this takes longer than 30 days. Where would I stand with a return / refund after 30 days?
  6. In hindsight I think you are right, it just feels wrong in the moment to hand over more money. I also suspect it was out of stock at that time as well, but I will now never know. Will keep this topic updated with progress.
  7. It's now out of stock! So in any eventuality other than the original item turning up, it's game over for my sons Christmas present!
  8. So i've been back in stores and discussed with the "general manager" (not the area manager as I was previously told) and he was helpful. First he picked up a Ryzen 9 CPU off the counter and passed it to me, I explained that I would happily take it, but it's not the item I ordered. He rescinded the offer. If I wasn't so honest it would have been a nice upgrade! His second solution was for me to purchase the item again on my credit card, and when the investigation was completed he would refund the value to my credit car and charge the vouchers. Including the interest inc
  9. A letter of claim sounds like a good tool! Is there a template?
  10. I think drones is a complimentary term for them! I'm meeting the local area manager today, although I know they will say this is an online issue, they may have some sympathy and at least make a phone call! I just want the item!
  11. I paid 40p on a credit card, £320 in vouchers. It's madness, none of it is my fault, it's not even DPD's fault - they never booked the parcel into their system. I feel like it just needs a manager / supervisor to see the logic and issue the new product.
  12. I recently bought a £320 computer component online for "order and collect". My order did not arrive on the estimated day, so I contacted customer services the next day and asked when it would arrive in store. The agent said it had arrived and issued the ready to collect email. I went to store to collect but was told it was not there. In fact DPD had not received the item. That evening I called customer services to discuss and was told as it had been 4 days they could raise a lost in transit case investigation, and send a replacement item. They did not explai
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