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  1. Which received the information over the telephone and emailed it to me. I imagine it's fair to assume there is an element of interpretation.
  2. The information was relayed via Which, verbally not via an email.
  3. Damp squib. He decided against recovering windows. Now it appears he doesn't want the windows back anymore, he just wants to move on! If I email him with words to the effect of:- Please confirm Abbey Windows (Thames Valley) Ltd accept the monies paid so far as full and final settlement of the contract. Would this be sufficient for both sides to consider the contract complete? As one of the two directors/owners is it reasonable to assume that James has the authority to make the decision alone?
  4. I know a reputable builder who has suggested a couple of good local companies and I have used a couple of national companies in the past who have been very good. I have passed everything to Which, who have been very good and are doing their best to remain objective and supportive to both sides. I have said that we would welcome the opportunity to put our case to the court.
  5. You are of course correct and I intend of follow the course of action you have suggested.
  6. Ombudsman 0203 954 1872 0333 241 3209 Follow us @OmbudsmanTweets Premier House, First Floor, 1 5 Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. SG1 2AD Telephone calls to and from the Ombudsman may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Again I just assumed they were the right people as they were suggested by Which.
  7. I was amazed when I saw the conclusion. It does say that there is an aftercare department that will assist if the situation isn't resolved. I have tried to contact this department and I am yet to receive a reply. My understanding of the two choices is:- 1. Accept the windows with a slight reduction in price. 2. Install the windows as per the contract. The fact that he has come back said he wants to be free of the contract says to me that fulfilling the contract will be expensive and he would rather not do it. I have said I will take legal advi
  8. The above is my second attempt at the review. I will send the letter regarding replacement of his windows tomorrow.
  9. This is the full Ombudsman response. Thank you for your patience whilst I have been reviewing the case file in its entirety and discussing the details of the case further. I can confirm I have now received the relevant information from both parties to enable me to provide a response to the dispute in full. As you are aware, my role is to impartially investigate the case and in the initial stages seek to informally resolve the dispute through conciliation by weighing up the evidence and impartially reaching a decision. It may be the case I believe the complaint should be
  10. He makes all sorts of accusations, I sometimes think we are talking about totally different things. As you predicted the police consider this to be civil matter, however, trespass and criminal damage isn't and we can call them. I am pleased he suggests taking the windows and we both move on as I think this is the best solution. I will include the Ombudsman, I just forgot. I will have another think about the wording.
  11. Contacted the police who were quick to respond and supportive. Please see the latest email from Abbey Windows I spoke to Which yesterday who of course said no such thing and have asked to be copied into all future correspondence. Much to my surprise he actually make what I believe could the the right solution for both parties i.e. they take the windows back and we get someone who knows what they're doing. This would be the perfect solution for both sides. However, note the totally unrealistic timescale of COP Monday. How could I go about this wi
  12. The Trespass response will go this afternoon. My intention for the review is to calm down and put something together over the weekend that I can upload to a number of consumer sites.
  13. This is interesting, though not surprising. I am thinking carefully what to write. I am extremely angry at how we have been treated and want to choose my words carefully.
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