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  1. Thank you I’ve been on the phone to JL for an hour as they wanted to contact Panasonic but I said no !! I told them that’s their responsibility and refused for them to contact Panasonic. They have now admitted that it’s within my rights for a refund or replacement plus a goodwill gesture of £25 !! New microwave being delivered free of charge 3days time !!!
  2. I purchased a Panasonic Microwave from John Lewis on the 27th July 2020, it started to cut out after 30 days . John Lewis will not replace or refund as their 30day guarantee is up ! I have got to deal with Panasonic, they arranged for it to be collected by IVTV repair company . They had 3 weeks, firstly saying there was no fault then saying it needed a spare part , delivered back to me and it packed up again . They have now had three times for repair and was delivered back on Saturday , plugged into a different socket and still it cuts out.
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