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  1. . Hi I had a downpipe and DPF and catalytic converter fitted to my Nissan Navara in January at a cost of £750. Ìn October I took my Nissan Navara for 4-wheel alignment and the Mechanic noticed that there were bolts missing which hold the DPF in place he advised me to take it back to Kwik Fit I took the vehicle back to Kwik Fit to show them the bolts were missing they didn't have any bolts two fit the DPF but one of the Mechanics had some at home they came off an old turbo and he said they should fit I was advised to come back a couple of hours later they would fit the bolts on I'm not sure how long these bolts were missing and what damage this would cause to my Nissan Navara on the 4th of December my truck broke down. The truck was taken to a garage for investigation this was the garage that rebuilt my engine 12 months before at a cost a £4200 The garage did an investigation and found that the DPF that was fitted by Kwik was fitted incorrectly and they had twisted and squashed the main pipes which restricts the air air flow to the DPF this has caused the engine run on its own oil damaging the turbo and the the injectors and also sending fuel all through the pistons into the sump.
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