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  1. I am really sorry for upsetting you. The reason why your advice is difficult for me to understand is that you said to write to the original creditor with my address: If I don't know what the debt is or who it is with, how do I do that? I have explained that they have only contacted my employer via 1 phone call and 1 email asking for me to call them - do details, no paperwork, no totals. Nothing else (i have previously explained this) I can easily write to CCL and tell them of my new address. Thank you. I cannot write to the client and tell them of my
  2. Thank you for making this simple. I hope this is the last time i request further advice from you 1. Write to the debt owner: Should this letter be similar to this: (without prejudice) and ask them to provide details of the (alleged) debt etc and give them my current UK address, stating to contact me only by Royal Mail (as per the advice you have given before). Once I receive this info... 2. Write to the financial institutions giving them my new address. (sorry to prolong this thread) and thank you - how do I make a donation?
  3. Hi, I am sorry. But I am confused by your advice. If I ignore CCL, they can instruct a UK company to take court action here as well, 'Under the Administration of Justice Act 1920, there is a reciprocal agreement with Western Australia and the UK which allows court action to be taken in Australia and transferred here for enforcement'. You are advising to contact the financial institutions of my latest addresses here in the UK. Surely I should 'also' contact CCL and advise them that I am dealing with the Client directly? To prevent the above point? I know you are do
  4. Thank you for helping me. I really appreciate your time. I have read numerous posts on this site and it is very helpful. While my situation is very similar to others on this forum, the only difference is that they do not have any addresses of mine in the UK. I respect your advice about updating them with my current address, but I have no intention of going back to Australia. I assume your advice relates to back-door CCJ's to my 'known' addresses in Australia? Can they enforce a CCJ on my in the UK? I am due to move to another job in 3
  5. Thank you for your post. Sorry, if I have a couple questions. When you say write to CCLs stated client: who do you mean? What is a back door CCJ? If they don't have any UK addresses of mine. Is this possible?
  6. Hi, yes I have moved. But they would not know any address here in UK. As the last known address was back in Australia. I spoke with Citizens Advice and they tell me that: they can use the services of a UK debt collection agency Possible consequential UK court action Potential court action and even bankruptcy in Australia Potential seizure of any Australian assets (I don't have) Has anyone had experience of this?
  7. Hi I've read a few threads on this topic and couldn't see my answer. I left debt in Australia (last serviced Apr 2018). Now reside in UK. Credit Corp Australia have found me through LinkedIn and started contacting me at work. It's polite emails asking me to call them. Not mentioning anything to do with debt (so far). I have now cancelled my LinkedIn. I 'assume' they cannot tell it is me for certain. But they must have strong beliefs.They don't have my contact number or address. I plan to leave my job in 3 months. I'm worried this will follow m
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