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  1. No, not upset at all. Just surprised at the response. But like I said, the written word can be taken anyway the reader chooses, unfortunately.
  2. Apologies for the lack of paragraphs, but there was plenty of punctuation and it was perfectly intelligable. When I help someone in need, I don't tend to put them down in a passive aggressive way or try to belittle them. I accept that people are different and have different styles of writing, reading, and comprehension. I also understand how the written word can be taken in all manner of ways, and not always in the way the author intended. But there you go. That's just me. Thanks anyway; I don't think this is probably the forum for me, but I appreciate you
  3. Hi Yes, the fault was reported to them within 30 days. I'd had the car only 3 weeks when it started failing. Contacted them immediately and it went back to them to investigate. No I've not contacted finance company...is that worth doing? They're called Close Brothers Finance.
  4. I purchased a second hand car from a trader last December. Within 3 weeks, the car started playing up..engine cutting out on me whilst driving, no acceleration etc. The garage have had it back 3 times over the past year to fix it, and each time I've had it back, it's eventually failed again, always with the same symptoms. It's failed again today. The garage, understandably, are now reluctant to do anything more. And I, understandably, no longer want this car. I've broken down more times this year than ever in my life. I've lost all confid
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