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  1. Many thanks, dx It seems so unfair that there is so little I can do to stop this. Part of the problem is that the returned mail doesn’t seem to reach the creditor half the time — the letters keep coming and, unless I somehow pass them to my ex (who apparently just ignores them), they reach the point of enforcement and I’m left to deal with it. Is it worth making a Statutory Declaration of property/goods? The irony is that I totally understand why EAs are sent — the debtor is indeed a dodgy b*gger who has no intention of abiding by the law — and I’m sure they get people
  2. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. My ex-partner lived with me for 2 years, August 2016 to August 2018. I threw him out due to his gambling/drug addictions and constant debt problems. I immediately removed him from the Council Tax and I am the only occupant on the Electoral Roll (I’ve checked). Since then, he has lived a nomadic existence across Britain, living either in his van or short-let digs. I am constantly getting letters which I guess are fines (usually parking etc I assume) and debt collectors. I return them to the sender and/or occasionally pass them to a mutual acquaint
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