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  1. My apologies i'm just a little angry at the whole situation i will try to sum it a little below: Yes i paid for the cambelt and water pump - Price was £378 and was fitted by my local mechanic and he is a VW specialist. Highly respected also. Basically purchased car on 18th August. Car booked in for cambelt and water pump around end of sept, same day had issues with gearbox and my mechanic said he would take a look at time of cambelt and waterpump. I had to wait a couple of weeks as my mechanic had a week back log and was on holiday and car was us
  2. Many Thanks for the reply, My apologies for missing these few points. A few answers to your previous questions: 1. The car is with the trader and has been since 21st Oct. 2. The cambelt and water pump has been changed and paid for by me at the time of diagnosis for the gearbox, dual mass flywheel and clutch issue. 3. I was shown a receipt totally the value of £500 for a gearbox and clutch replacement. Trader was even driving the car whilst i was on the phone to consumer advice. Basically he was hassling me to take the car back but i was checking out my options
  3. Hi, Roughly 55miles. I have made 2 journies to him so far and both come away empty handed. Either without the car or a refund. Will do. Many Thanks
  4. My apologies. Many Thanks for the reply. I will start with the following timeline if this helps. VW Touran 1.9tdi 2007 with mileage of 113k'ish on the clock. Bought the car on 18th August for £2000 from a trader in peterbough 11FG Limited. At this time the trader said he could provide proof a cambelt and waterpump replacement. To which i never received. Within the 1st week of ownership car brokedown and trader replaced battery and was all good. Around the end of september car started to struggle to get into 3rd gear and transmission sounded real
  5. Can anyone help. I bought a used car a few months ago. Started having issues within the 4th week. Trader has repaired the car but has not replaced all that was needed. So I refused the car. I was trying to negotiate a refund (I know I wouldn't get a full refund) but the trader was saying throughout the negotiation process that I'm liable for storage fees. I have spoken with consumer advice throughout and they have said im not liable as I have rejected the car already. We have agreed on a price unfortunately for me its not what I wanted but needs must (no car since 19th Oc
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