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  1. Following on from the comment above, I was hoping to have received a reply by now. That is not the case just yet, so a chasing email has been sent. I have no additional factual information to share on here at this time. Should the matter be resolved in a timely manner, I will of course make this thread aware. Nothing just yet.
  2. Thanks @BankFodder for looking into this with me, much appreciated. I believe I have a strong case indeed but enforcing it might be tricky as you pointed out. I wasn't aware I could sue the individual and also the ltd company as co-defendants, I thought it was one or the other. That would probably be wise in that case. Indeed my receipt for this purchase is handwritten on a piece of A4 paper, with the individual's name, his company name (minus "LTD") and his business address. The company is located 30 miles away from me, not too far. I have been to his unit twice, once
  3. The dealer is called MJS Vehicle Solutions Ltd, based in Wolverhampton.
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this is not listed correctly. I was wondering if anybody would be able to help with where I stand with a dispute I'm having with a used car dealer. I bought a 2nd hand BMW 320i on 27th October from a dealer, for £3,995. I expressed my concerns buying second-hand so the dealer gave me a 12-month warranty cover. Car has done 101K miles. I paid the full amount by bank transfer (oh how do I regret this decision). Important ‘detail’, said dealer is registered as a limited company. 30/10/2020 - I noticed a huge white cloud coming out of my exh
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