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  1. G3M5Y

    Tax credit compliance

    Blimey il just leave writing on here don’t worry
  2. G3M5Y

    Tax credit compliance

    Well this is my problem, I’d moved into a place with an ex partner back 2 years ago, I was pregnant at the time bubs is here now, I’d transferred all the bills over from my old home to the new one and I left him to sort the council tax out, I was getting tax credits for my other daughter from previous and left it and just added the baby when she was born but still did it as a single claim as from the moment I’d moved in with him there was problem after problem I literally sofa surfed for the majority of the pregnancy then when baby was born I found out more things with him, drugs, prostitutes etc so we had a big bust up and he left the property but he still paid the council tax and his half the rent, it’s come to big blows again and he’d asked to be taken off the tenancy and said he's not paying anything anymore I called the council and said I want it in my name and that I started a new tenancy in my name from the 2nd as I was going to see if I can get some help towards the rent cut a long story short, my ex told the council he’d left the property on 15th Oct so never paid November’s council tax and the council called me to say the landlord has questioned why the council tax has come out of his account when both of us have been at the property yet my ex had been claiming single on the council tax that’s now been put over to compliance....in all fairness we’ve both not lived in there together for months but how do we prove this, it’s now going to open up the can of worms with tax credits too but literally without that I would be living in a gutter what do you think I should do G3M
  3. G3M5Y

    Tax credit compliance

    @pickles2k Hi Pickles hope you don’t mind me messaging you on here, am just wondering what your out come was, I’m in a similar situation and I am so worried, it’s making me ill, just don’t know what to do!
  4. @pickles2k Hi Pickles hope you don’t mind me messaging you, i am in exactly the same position as you and am just wondering what your outcome was!? Did it all go ok!? X
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