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  1. G3M5Y

    Tax credit compliance

    Blimey il just leave writing on here don’t worry
  2. G3M5Y

    Tax credit compliance

    Well this is my problem, I’d moved into a place with an ex partner back 2 years ago, I was pregnant at the time bubs is here now, I’d transferred all the bills over from my old home to the new one and I left him to sort the council tax out, I was getting tax credits for my other daughter from previous and left it and just added the baby when she was born but still did it as a single claim as from the moment I’d moved in with him there was problem after problem I literally sofa surfed for the majority of the pregnancy then when baby was born I found out mo
  3. G3M5Y

    Tax credit compliance

    @pickles2k Hi Pickles hope you don’t mind me messaging you on here, am just wondering what your out come was, I’m in a similar situation and I am so worried, it’s making me ill, just don’t know what to do!
  4. @pickles2k Hi Pickles hope you don’t mind me messaging you, i am in exactly the same position as you and am just wondering what your outcome was!? Did it all go ok!? X
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