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  1. Thanks, its just the seven days, I had the feeling that they will just ignore the law and send someone around to mu house as "intimidation" tactics. I was contemplating writing to them and telling them they need to take me back to court to enforce the debt.
  2. I had a ccj against me in 2008, I paid off alot monthly for 2 years, till 2010, the ccj disappeared from my credit file 6 year in 2014, I have not paid or heard from them this year, I have had 3 letters from Mortimer clarke claiming I owe money with an attached income and expenditure form, I have ignored these as I was under the impression that after 6 years even with a CCJ they have to apply to the courts to attempt to enforce the debt. Today I receive a letter from engage services on behalf of Mortimer Clark that they have been asked to visit my address, an
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