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  1. Hi Ethel, Thanks for replying. Granddad died in Oxfordshire, so England it is. I'll have a look at those sites over the Christmas holidays when I have a bit more time. Obviously if they were married and there was no will, she's first in line anyway. I think checking to see if there was a will registered is an important step. Who knows, the visit to the solicitors office might have been to leave everything to her anyway - married or not. Unfortunately I've no idea which solicitor it might have been, but I believe they usually register wills. Hopefully if there is one it
  2. Hi HB, Thank you for your help. Once the pre-Christmas rush is out of the way and I get some time off work I'll sign up for Ancestry.co.uk and do some digging. Granddad died in 1992. If I can't find anything I might just tell mum I found a record of a will leaving everything to his "wife". Sometimes a lie is the kindest thing. Better than her getting wound up about it after all these years. She's often commented that she didn't trust her stepbrother and thought he'd "stolen" the house and money, but it's getting more intense now and it's starting to play on her mind. No
  3. Hi HB I've had a good scan through now and back-tracked through various record searches. I've found that the one with the same name is somebody else (born 3 years earlier than granddad). I've now checked for 10 years after granddad's death (way after his "wife" passed too) and there are no records of probate being issued to anyone. His house was in a nice little Oxfordshire village (Zoopla current estimate 350k-400k) so I think probate would have been necessary, even if, as they allege, there was no will. Mum says he had shares and his family were fairly well heeled too so she
  4. Thanks honeybee. What if there was no will as they claim? Would they still have to apply to handle the estate - sorry if these seem like daft questions but I've never had to deal with this sort of thing before. I've checked that link and there is the right name and year (not sure of the exact date), but the wrong address. Might it be under a different address for any reason?
  5. This is quite historic but is eating at my mum now. I guess since she's 90 she's starting to think about what happens to her estate after she dies and it's brought this back to mind for her - she's convinced her dad will be spinning in his grave! Anyway - to the point... My granddad and grandma divorced many years ago. Granddad had 2 "significant others" in his life afterwards, but I'm not sure if they were ever actually married. Mum says that they must have been because granddad was very "proper", although she can't remember a wedding, so I say it's open for debate - I shall refer
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