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  1. 5 hours ago, Andyorch said:

    Can they not tell you what this debt is that they are constantly chasing?

    How due you know it's not been acknowledged for 7 years if you don't know what the debt is they are chasing.


    I would hold off sending anything until you are sure what the debt is and if it's yours.



    They sent me some agreement that dates back 7 years ago, it seems loan name changed throughout years they bought the debt in 2016 and last payment on the account is 2013, they attempted to contact me in 2016 and now 4 years later they trying again/ 



  2. Hey,


    What is considered an Acknowledgement of debt.


    I have a potential loan that is 7 years old and been in default for over 6 years with no prior communication, recently a DCA company contacted me and in the emails I haven't acknowledged the debt because I actually don't think it belongs to me so I ask them for data evidence. 


    I have constantly told them that I don't know they are or what this debt is, I need some advice please.





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