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  1. PPI Claim 1. This is a response to ppi claim where the bank called regarding a cheque they issued was not cashed. The question of the name of the bank. It is Lloyds bank and the amount was just over £7000. Please also note that the claim was made by me.
  2. This is explaining the post in more detail the post on a few hours ago. A PPI claim was made last year. The bank called a couple of weeks ago to state that they have noticed that I had not cashed the cheque sent and stated the amount of that cheque. I made an independent call to the bank to confirm this was correct as there are a lot of scammers and was told that the cheque would be processed and sent. A few days later received a confusing letter to say the case is closed as if a company was undertaking the claim for me. Can a bank get out of not reissuing the cheq
  3. Cheque never received then got call from bank saying I have not cashed it. i ask them to resend it then they say the case is closed. This is theft or a mistake.
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