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  1. OIC, I really struggle to make sense of previous conversations/ threads. Because I don't have any legal/financial knowledge, it's difficult to work out what applies to me or not.
  2. Sorry. Yes, I see from an earlier message from Uncle Bulagia. I didn't pursue this. It didn't seem a popular idea. On SLC website, I couldn't see info back that far. The Ombudsman email states that Erudio 'have a chance to put things right for me first' which hopefully means F.O. will step in if Erudio don't behave.
  3. Thanks for this DX. I've now just received a deferment form from SLC themselves (the first in many years). I wonder if this means that my loan has been sold back to SLC (or is that just wishful thinking?) Positive anyway! Thank-you for this.
  4. Well, I've heard back from the financial ombudsmen concerning my Erudio complaint. They have contacted Erudio who should be in touch with me soon. The Ombudsmen didn't indicate what they sent to Erudio.
  5. No, sometimes to Erudio or Honours. They stopped providing me with reminders/forms to defer years ago.
  6. Hi DX. So I can't get info on these loans from SLC. What should I do next? Thankyou
  7. So I can't see my records pre selling of loans. So I have to pay back if I've missed deferments? Is it right that they (Erudio) can pass to solicitors?
  8. Got through to SLC. They say that there won't be any information on my account pre-2003. But possibly some correspondance? Should be able to log in soon.
  9. Sounds about right. It's a bit blurry to be honest though. Haven't managed to access the website as I need to now phone them to register/access. Will try phoning them in the daytime tomorrow. I'm 43. Thanks for your help DX (radio amateur?)
  10. Thank-you for the move into the correct subforum - (couldn't find student loans). Hi DX. Thank-you for your reply. This is a letter from Honours Student Loans - (Link Financial Outsourcing)
  11. Ok thanks. I have this other one from 96 and 97. Honours this time. Any thoughts on this? SCAN0004 (3).pdf
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