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  1. The company is called Robinson Way, it was a Barclaycard credit card. I moved about 12 months after Barclaycard stopped replying to my letters (re the charges, 2013) - so I did not tell them about my moving, at the time of the original debt I was living back with my folks; so this most recent letter was sent to there, and my folks forwarded it to me - and likewise, if they had sent me anything in the interim it would have been forwarded to me.
  2. I just got a letter from a debt collector about a debt I am sure I talked about on this site about a decade ago! (could not find my old username or pass) The letter is offering me the opportunity to pay 10% of the outstanding amount, which amounts to just below £100 and even offering me instalments - I am certain that it has been longer than 6 years since I acknowledged this debt (I was trying to get some action with regards to charges in about 2012 and they started ignoring my letters.) So, a) could this be some kind of trick to get me to acknowledge the debt...and then get the full amount* out of me? b)Is there anything actually in it for me to pay this amount? (£100 isn't a trivial amount, but it is affordable now - but my credit score does not seem to be affected by this too much, I have two other credit cards that have been issued to me in the last few years). It does say my credit file will be updated to say "partially satisfied". *The full amount would contain fees that I was fighting to reclaim, and what got me into the position in the first place - I had no objection to paying what was owed, this whole thing started with pernicious charges.
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