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  1. So sorry for the delay, Horizon cancel appeals all the time when challenged on POFA, i was just using our standard appeal text but wanted to check as they have different wordings for different sites and two different appeal portals ive enclosed their email received this morning, so yes horizon do accept appeals, i dont know why people advise against it Horizon.pdf
  2. well it looks like people are wrong here and i am confused as why i took so long to get a simple answer (and just beating around the bush) and as per PP they normally cancel on first appeal when challange..... From PP forum 9 (2) (a) No period of parking. Moving in front of a camera, by definition, is not parking. 9 (2) (e) Invitation to keeper is not there in the required format 9 (2) (f) Notice of keeper liability is incorrect. Here's POFA: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2012/9...edule/4/enacted Dear Sirs, I have just received your Notice to Kee
  3. I will await an answer as to if this notice complies with POFA of not
  4. Sorry ive come on here asking a simple question, so i would appreciate an answer either way
  5. Sorry that simply isnt true, horizon have always cancelled their non pofa notices when ive appealed them in the past, but ive noticed a change in wording so wanted to check
  6. simple when Horizon are challenged if its not POFA and I appeal as the keeper challenging non compliance they will withdraw So can one of the knowledgeable people let me know if its POFA or NON POFA, much appreciated
  7. Ok let me put it another way I haven't asked about the parking event or anything that happened during the event What I am simply asking here is this particular notice POFA Compliant or not , does it meet the conditions for keeper liability or not?
  8. all i have redacted are the personal details, photos of the car, parking charge details and then entrance and exit time i have left the entire wording, however i have uploaded the back of pcn and front of it again So now the whole document is up please can someone tell if this complies with POFa or not frontofpcn.pdf backofpcn.pdf
  9. hello is this notice pofa compliant or not if anyone can advise would be very much obliged HorizonPCN.pdf
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