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  1. Not yet. After he gives me the money I’ll cancel the court claim via the form
  2. This case has been settled as he agreed to give me the money back. Thanks everyone
  3. The car is a Vauxhall Astra 2011 1.3 Diesel. I bought it for £1285. I’m going to get an AA check in the car to evaluate it’s damage with a report. This person has a business address and a home address which I have both found. Attached to the business address is a name which he is friends with on Facebook who is advertising the same cars and the same goes for his wife too. I have the home address’ of all names attached to the business so I’m not sure running is an option for him or his associates. I won’t be releasing his name but I can say he is based in Newham, East London.
  4. I have recently bought a car that had a tampered Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) making the car unroadworthy. The seller is a private seller but I want to raise to the court that he has been selling multiple cars as a clear source of income. Making him a trade dealer. I have recently gained his home and business address making small claims court an option. I have messaged him giving him a chance to fully repair the car or to restore and repair it to make it legally road worthy. I have proof of his trade dealings from facebook which also is connected to his business partners who have been advertising the cars as well. I understand I will have less rights if the judge deems him not to be a trade dealer however him selling me an illegal car is a criminal offence meaning I have the right to end the contract agreed on facebook and am entitled to a full refund. Under the selling of goods act section 13, it states that the car must match description. On Facebook it stated 'Everything works perfectly' which in fact it does not. He said the car had two previous owner and that the MOT was completed on the 09/11/20 when it fact it was done on the 10th. Given all these legs to stand on is a small courts claim feasible?
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