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  1. What do I need to send on SAR? Do you have an email from them ? 


    I have 1 year with them . 

    I ve been made some international transactions because I ve been buy a car and a house I was need to send monthly money .

    I m a self employed, so I earn my money by myself . I didnt do nothing wrong with them . When I open my account I let them know that I m self employed and I can prove that .


    I m in a desperate situation as I m not having any money for my company that I just open to can run 

  2. Hello, yesterday Barclays Bank put my account under review suddenly just i received a message about that to wait 7 days .


    I ve been to local branch and they didn't tell me any information saying to me to wait 14 days .

    The problem is I think they will take longer than they said and I can't wait so much cause I need the money for my own company and to live life daily.


    This situation its caused me a sever anxiety, I dont know what to do .

    I can prove that I m a self employed .


    Can somebody tell me what should I do ? 

    Some contact numbers or email addresses where can I text about this problem?

    I m new on this platform and I dont know how to manage this .

    Thank you

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