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  1. Should I filed N244 form for the one that have been rejected? I am still waiting for the outcome on the other two.
  2. When I was homeless I didn't have now where to go, slept in couple homeless shelters, until a friend was happy to take me in. I this points changing address of my Peugeot wasn't a priority because I never had permanent address , I didn't know how long I would stay at my friend for , and in addition i wasn't informed of the tickets. That's why I didn't change the address sorry , but I don't have a solicitor, I filled TE9 and 7 myself. I filled the first one wrong because I wasn't really too sure what information to add on it , I still waiting on the on the outcome of the two that fille
  3. So everyone what should my next step be in this situation?
  4. They are from Birmingham City Council , and this where the his mom live At this time I was homeless , with no permanent address lugho.pdf
  5. He is not in possession of the car anymore, like said it was a short loan until he buy his car. Do I still need to change the keeper details? There no other issues , just the parking tickets. Note" all three tickets are some from his mom housing flat that required to display permit"
  6. Birmingham City Council, told me because the car is on my name I am responsible for it and I can't have anyone take the blame.
  7. Hi everyone , I would like some help with parking fines I'm dealing with right now , with Birmingham City Council. I was 20 when I bought my first car, a 2007 black Peugeot, I've had it for about 2 years . I bought myself new car in 2018 that I'm still driving, and gave the Peugeot to a close friend to use for work and leisure etc ( I was tired seeing walking to work) but didn't change v5c as it was only a short temporary loan until he got his own car. While using it he got himself three parking tickets first one was 24/06/2019 , second on 07/10
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