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  1. Here are some of the train companies East Midlands trains transpennine express virgin trains Northern by arriva LNER metrolink
  2. This is exactly what has happened we believe. All our names are on the electoral role. The fraudster knows to memorise an address and post code and the names of 4 people who live there. She has given the name Forster instead of foster. And always an incorrect DOB. But fraud people said there is no requirement for people in uk to carry ID and therefore this can happen
  3. Both daughters identity has been used many times. (Aged 23 and 27 and my ex partner and my name too. Re the statutory declaration it was the chap we spoke to at the single justice number which we got supplied from the debt collection agency in talking to him it was around not perjuring by saying I was not aware of a court date when knew from previous letters that this was another train fare issue. I don’t think it is anyone we know as all the offences are taking place in the north of England and we live in the south. at one time there was a description from one of the train companies of a girl in her 20s. Mixed race and dark hair. I am in my 50s and the DOB she gave was for much younger. So many train Company have been involved I can post more when I see my daughters file. I am a freaks I out all mine back in the post. The recent one was Arriva North I realise now that we should not have ignored as much as we have but I did contact the action fraud squad in April 2019 but after a general “we are sorry to hear ... we will look into”. I never heard back abs hoped it had gone I am at work 7days a week as a carer and don’t have much time to check my phone. But I will try. But unless they catch this person it will just go on and on ?
  4. Yes I am so sorry. I am using my phone to type and it comes out in a block. I will see if I can borrow use of a friends computer next time
  5. Sorry I’ve just been a bit upset about it. It started with my daughter (aged 27) four years ago. We rang the train company and tried to sort it over the phone. I know now that was wrong. My daughter has had at least 6 separate letters relating to different incidents of fare evasion. One of the incidents was going to court. My other daughter has had about 8 or more separate incidents. She has a file which I can get this week. My ex partner has now started to get some (Erica instead of Eric ). There ha e been some addressed using our surname but with a forename not known. The one relating to me had gone to court and I have had to ask them to open the case again. I was advised not to do a statutory declaration as although I didn’t open the letter addressed with a misspelt surname I did suspect what it was and so couldn’t say I didn’t know about it. At least one other has gone to a court. So many we have out back in the post as unknown at This address. There are too many to fight each one altogether for my family they must be over 20, I’m sorry this isn’t very well space I only have the use of the phone I don’t have a computer
  6. For a number of years a girl has been evading rail fares and giving my name and address also my daughter’s name and address and my husband’s name and address changing his name from Eric to Erica. We have contacted the police before who said there Was nothing they could do. This has happened about eight times with different rail companies each time it involves making a number of calls sometimes having to reason with debt collection agency. When letters started arriving again with my surname wrongly spelt I returned them with not known at this address. However I then received a letter from the Bailiff with my correct spelling of the name and now also correct date of birth (previously they had the wrong date of birth) and i now know that this has gone to a court and I was found guilty even though it was not me who made the train journey. I have had to apply to the court for the case to be reopened, and I can prove that at the time I was at the opposite end of the country. The date of birth given by the offender was 25 years younger than mine so she’s obviously a younger girl. However I am worried that this will affect my DBS. I work as a carer on minimum wage and cannot afford to lose my job. Apart from which the stress and anxiety this causes every time is immense. I often have to make phone calls using higher than normal cost 0300 numbers to try to resolve this. Surely the train company Arriva north should have some responsibility for confirming the identity of a person evading a rail fare. It seems that you can just give any name taken from the electoral roll without having to show ID. Would I have a case against arriva for putting me in this situation? It’s also confounds me that when the matter goes to court they then check on a database for the correct spelling of my name and the correct date of birth, and so the first thing that was sent to me with my correct details was the fine from the court. Previous to that there were letters in effect addressed to a different person with a wrong spelling of my surname. I know it is illegal to open letters belonging to another person. Although I suppose I could reasonably expect it might of been for me because the name was out by one letter. I certainly don’t want to pay the £250 fine. This is been going on for some five years. My daughter has a whole file of letters. Sometimes train companies have responded by adding a password so that when the person gets stopped they have to give a secret word. But the offender is doing this all around the country and there are many different rail companies involved. However this is the first time I believe it has gone to court
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