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  1. I will revert back if i get paid the £321.00
  2. I called the hermes help desk to see if they had done anymore to locate my rather large parcel, this was after submitting the online claim form. He told me they there was no chance of it being found. I asked if i am covered, he spoke to the claims department and came back and confirmed it was covered including the shipping cost of £21.00 so £321 would be paid back. Nothing formal from the claim team in writing so far.
  3. I was not aware of the non compensated list until after the event. when you book it only shows the prohibited list which is about safety. the non compensated list is right at the bottom of the page. they took my additional payment for “insurance” so cannot refuse to pay out unless its prohibited. They should perhaps put a drop down box, to select an item type, and if its on the non compensated list then not allow the option to pay for additional “insurance” and warn the users it has no compensation for loss or damage. They would loose a
  4. Formal claim has been made, I have been told it is covered, as its parts not a complete instrument. Its not prohibited, musical instruments are on their non compensated list. my argument is i estimated the value of the drum shells as you would not normally know the value of them unless buying that part. The replacement parts quote is £450. So yes i did under estimate the parts value. I would hope they might consider that. hope this make sense.
  5. Declared when i sent them and paid for , sorry not used to typing this sort of stuff.
  6. Hi i was the sender to a custom paint shop, hermes lost them on the way. I purchased them as complete drums hence the high shipping cost with insurance by others the main kit came from one seller the snare from another as a complete it its very large, hence i want to claim for the money i spent on shipping them to me, on top of the purchase value. The shells after stripping down are smaller and stack inside one another.
  7. I arranged the delivery of a set of drum kit wood shells with hermes, I booked directly online. They have told me the item is lost 70x50x55 cm box??? They asked me to fill in a claim form which I have done i declared a value of £300 for the parts sent and paid for extra cover. I had recently purchased the whole drum kit for £650 and shipping costs of £95.00 to get them to me. After investigating the cost of replacing the shells, not a direct equivalent but similar, it will cost around £450.00 with delivery. I want to get compensation over the £300
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