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  1. As far as we have been told by Harvey’s we will not receive a refund and we have to keep making payments to creation for the sofas we won’t receive an answer until we have spoken to the administrators of Harvey’s of which we cannot seem to get a response from. I don’t understand your “oh hang on your now saying” are you implying I lied or told a different story I just haven’t repeated my post word for word for each response. People come here for advice and help not to be talked down to. Waste of time signing up
  2. We picked the new sofas out in 2019 we did not need to contact them as we knew delivery wouldn’t be until March as we were told there was a delay. We then got told due to Covid it would be pushed back. Then they went into administration and we were told because of when we placed the order it would be honoured. We then got given delivery date after delivery date over the space of another 5 months. We got told it was cancelled today and we would get £81 back that was paid In store by card and that we won’t receive any money paid over finance and we will not be getting the sofas
  3. It was The repair team that do work for Harvey’s. They had to come out three times in the space of four months. After the last visit in august 2019 Harvey’s contacted us to say they would replace the sofas
  4. We never spoke to creation until Harvey’s went into administration. All I know is that they wrote the sofas off and we were told to go to the local Harvey’s to pick out a replacement. We went and picked out the new sofas and were told that they would just do a straight swap
  5. We probably signed it around Oct 2018 On the original sofa we received back in jan 2019. Harvey’s agreed to replace that one as it fell apart within months the replacement was on the same agreement which we ordered October 2019 We have around £900 outstanding on the finance.
  6. Harvey’s have told us we have to keep paying. Bensons for beds told us we would get a refund but apparently they are wrong. We are waiting to hear back from the finance company but Harvey’s also said we would likely get the same reply as the contracted payment is with creation
  7. We ordered two sofas after 5 months and two call outs they were deemed rubbish. Reordered new sofas over a year ago. Repeatedly calling as they went into administration to be told its still coming. After 5 delivery dates and half of an order delivered (a half two seater and half a three seater YES You read that right) we were told today, two weeks after inbred sofa turns up that the order has been cancelled and we should dispose of the useless sofas. Oh also you have to keep paying the finance on the sofas you have not and will never receive. how is this even legal?
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