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  1. The DPA places controls on how data is collected and handled. One control is that only the data required (for the job in hand) should be collected, and that it must be kept only for as long as is needed. In correspondence, the ICO told me that 6 years (by custome & practice) would be the duration regarded as neccesary for data to be held. If there was't controls everybody with any data would be keeping it forever, and with cheap server farms that isn't impossible. I cannot see any reason why a bank who closed an account 11 years ago, and sold an alledged debt say 9 years ago still has any
  2. thanks for your comments. I wondered if you were hinting at a CCJ, so I _just_ checked. There are no records for me at the address I was living at the time, or subsequent. I know that means a CCj could have been made more than 6 years ago so it wouldn't show, but I should have been told about it at the time. As for HSBC, I just cheeked the final demand that gave a combined total for tthe current AC and CC, it gave the account numbers of each. The cheque received has a different last four digits ie, the account they quote is not know to me. However,
  3. No, sorry, a long time ago, basically stopped using th3 site around 2010. No idea of the user name or email address and certainly changed email addresses since then. Yes I did move, but letters were forwarded to me for some time (min one year). The letter from Hoist was received at my new address. Basically, I couldn't reach agreement with any creditor, they wouldn't accept defective/unenforcable agreements, incorrect amounts or anything, so I told them to take me to court and let the judge decide. None of them did and they all stopped writing. HSBC did not have my n
  4. I'm sorry there are a few typos in my post - a hangover from injuries I had at the time being discussed. I did try to tidy it up straight away but wasn't allowed to repost after editing it.
  5. Hi all I used to be a member here a few years ago when I went through a bad time - husband and I had bad health, both lost jobs etc, we got the usual helpful and sympathetic response from the bank. With the help of CAG I did my best to fight back and found that some debts were legally unenforceable as well as the usual defective defaults and everyting else the banks were doing wrong. We're going back to about 2009/10. With HSBC they refused to provide a SAR/CCA because I wouldn't provide a signature that matched their records. I remember I took the advice from
  6. I received one of these today, and am equally dubious and suspicious particularly as I dont recogise the account number (they give olast four digits) AND I've moved address since I stopped dealing with them about 9 years ago. This has opened up things for me so I'll make my own thread.
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