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  1. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/12/hsbc-borrowers-arrears-compensation-substandard-service/
  2. I just don't like the smell of this at all, certainly not worth the £25, i'll stick with my tried and tested method of ignore
  3. I don't believe this is related, the amounts we are all getting are the same, they don't match the level in which this article refers too, and it's not actually relevant to my setup, as this was related to a business account which wasn't mine, I was never charged for unarranged overdraft
  4. Have you seen the 2019 case in relevance to acknowledgement of debt, talks a lot about potential of starting the 6 year clock again "In January 2019 there was a decision in the Court of Appeal (Doyle v PRA) that has changed the point at which the six-year period starts for some debts including credit cards and loans." "A good way to think of statute barring is that there is a 6 year timer. This is set running when the creditor has a cause of action. The sand takes 6 years to drain slowly through… at the end, your debt is statute barred. But if you make a payment to the debt or acknowledge it in writing during the six years, the clock is reset back to start at 6 years again. So if you are making monthly payments, even tiny ones, a debt will never become statute barred as the clock resets back to 6 years every month." For me it's the "acknowledgement of debt" that becomes to grey to risk I'm not normally a sceptic, but £25 isn't worth it for me to even bother with it.
  5. It's so grey I don't care £25 enough to even warrant banking it, I found "If you have reclaimed PPI, this is likely to have acknowledged the debt." So by even the simplest of actions in which although you don't directly acknowledge the debt in black and white, the 6 year SB gets reset at the point of acknowledgement, by banking the cheque you are clearly acknowledging the debt did exist and you were involved, otherwise why would you accept the cheque?
  6. I'd be interested to hear potentially where this goes, the whole thing sounds a little to fishy to me, I don't care enough about £25 in order to open up any potential old wounds! I assume you were also had a debt, and assume you never cleared the debt either, and from the looks of it theres a pattern emerging from all of us who have received this letter, ie there was s debt and none of us settled it Does banking the cheque open up the account again with a transaction and make it live?? just an idea but i'm filing this in the bin along with any other attempt they have made over 10 years
  7. Ive today received the same letter and same amount, but the issue I have is the sceptic in me makes me wonder a couple of things. I had an very old account with HSBC connected with a business account so not relating to me personally, it's a very long story but basically they attempted to get me to pay the companies overdraft, and I have argued the issue ever since. The supposed debt is potential statute barred as far as it relates to something that happened in 2010, however there are also mentions that as it relates to a bank overdraft that 12 years is the limit before statue barred, but i'm not 100%. However the reason I am sceptic, is how does HSBC "apparently" know all my details and more interestingly my full name, account and now my current address (after 3 addresses and current address still not fully registered on credit files). I have remained away from any recorded data as much as I can, I have never corresponded with them, or any debt collector. So is this £25 cheque a fishing exercise to confirm I am who I am at the address I am at? It could be legit and maybe they have had a slap on the wrist and told to compensate a bunch of us I don't know, but after having to play the debt collection game for over 10 years now, I'm aware of every trick possible. Does banking the cheque trigger a confirmation, by banking this cheque, it confirm the name and the address they have are correct, ie they have found me!! Or am I being over sceptic, I don't care about the £25 enough to potentially open pandoras box for them, the wording seems very pushy "simply bank the cheque", "yes please bank the cheque" This all relates to a business account, and is not relevant to me personally, so any compensation should be paid the limited company which is now gone, so why are they trying to pay me personally?
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