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  1. So... “they might just leave it at that” isnt a likely option then I was expecting them to say I’d overpaid and I’d need to repay or interview under caution or whatever but it was just, claims been cancelled, if you want to do a new joint claim you can, and that was it sometimes it’s the not knowing that hurts.. guess it’s just a waiting game to see what they either A. Try and dig up or B. What the overpayment was
  2. I had the call today and I’m confused about the outcome ... I was honest and said he lived here during the dates mentioned they said they were stopping the claim now but said I can apply for universal credit as a joint claim if I wish and that was it.. . no mention of repayment no mention of caution, call lasted about 3 mins .. I’m confused myself so just waiting to see if any follow up stuff comes
  3. I updated on my thread got you but I don’t really think it’s the same situation as yours tho judging by your post sorry
  4. Sorry it won’t let me delete the comment and I actually just had a phone call about it too, I’ll put it on my own post
  5. So in an odd turn of events, the interview date has come and gone and they didn’t ring me? any ideas on what I should do in this instance??
  6. Hi WTC, just wondering what the outcome of this was?? Have you heard anything? What was said?
  7. That’s how im Planning on starting it but my mind going into overdrive, I’m not going to be able to produce the stuff they are asking for and they are absolutely going to ask me if the person on the letter lives here, yes he does, then when my OH moved in, well That was 4 years ago, so it’s either lie to keep it at those dates and hope or tell the truth and drop myself in further in it , I’m so anxious I just want to get it all out in the open but the financial burden is also going to cripple me i appreciate all the help you have all given me though , I’m taking every bit of it on board
  8. No I agree waffle I will be as open and honest and apologetic as I can I just meant if it got official, I’m assuming it’s only recorded when it’s an interview under caution? Just a review call isn’t evidence was my understanding?
  9. Thanks again DX, so in essence what you are saying as being honest in the review saying my oh has been here 4 years and Owning up is one thing, but then they have to prove via a sar that they have proof or evidence of this to back up that I A. Haven’t told them previous and B. That he was living here all that time,
  10. Hi waffle, I’m sorry to once again come back with another question but when you say you told them you moved in 2016, did you blurt out your dishonesty from the get go, saying I’m sorry inlied etc Or did you just answer the questions honestly as if you didn’t realise you were making such a huge mistake?? as you can see my anxiety with this has my brain doing 1000 miles per hour, I just keep thinking about how I can get them to agree for me to repay without looking at jail time or a criminal record
  11. Out of interest waffle. Did you tell them about the 4 years immediately or was it after they did their own checks? that’s good news Jackson I hope you/we all get to put this sorry mess behind us as soon as possible
  12. Thanks, now I’ve actually spent time to understand my stupidly mine is linked to working tax credit and child tax credit, I legitimately claimed it for years as a single parent and through past abusive relationships and my ptsd I fell in a trap of wanting to maintain my own financial independence, last year I wanted to cancel and my anxiety about doing it crippled me, if they want the entire 4 years for both my bill could genuinely be about 40k , if I get a criminal record I lose my job, I’ve just been so stupid , can’t eat, sleep, can’t even look anyone in the eyes
  13. Thanks waffle dog, although it’s done my anxiety no good at all, can they ask for child tax benefit back too? im sat punching numbers and genuinely worried in an absolute worst case scenario without believing me and without me being able to prove bills as they are all in his name, this could go back as much as 4 years, that could be nearly 40k my partner will likely leave me, I’m petrified of prison, I just don’t know how i let it get this far
  14. Thanks stresshead, apologies for follow ups, so did you tell them about all the dates but they only wanted that specific date period back? if no, was there any other dates that they maybe should have known about?
  15. Thanks Jackson. But you haven’t heard anything more on the previous closed years now??
  16. Hi jackson25, did they ever ask you about previous years?
  17. Thank you honeybee, I’m so anxious and petrified of the outcome of giving them further dates than they have mentioned that could lead to me getting prosecuted, I’ve been such an idiot, should my partner also do a sar request?
  18. Thank you, so you think if they ask when he moved in I should state for example, “2017” even though they are only wanting may - august this year? i don’t mean to come across as having no remorse I genuinely want to repay what they ask but I’m so worried about what that figure could end up being if I give away more than they are after thanks so much for your reply also, could someone please explain what SAR is and if I should do it and if it is looked at negatively?
  19. I’ve seen a few threads on this already and unfortunately I’m in a similar situation through my own idiocy and stupidity, I received a letter asking me to attend a telephone interview and provide statements for “ may to august 2020 “as they have information to believe “mr x” is living at the address... the interview is next week Every single document they have asked for is in his name, I feel so stupid for this I was going to ring up and Cancel my award but with the pandemic and worry over income I made the awful mistake of not doing so, unfortunatey for various mental health, personal reasons i have also been claiming before this period, our relationship hasn’t been stable but we have always remained friends since we had a child together in 2015, I’m petrified they are going to ask to go back that far and the bill is going to be awful, I want to just ring up and own up to my partner living here during those dates but I want to know if they are then going to go digging for anything previous to that? what I’ve done is wrong and awful and I want to own up, but I’m so scared and nervous that if I own up to the previous few years too my bill will be so high and I will go to prison , what’s worse is that my partner doesn’t know I’m still claiming he told me ages ago to stop but life just got on top of me and I suffer with ptsd and anxiety and one thing led to another putting it off i won’t be entitled to any award as my partner now earns above the threshold for this do I just stick to owning up about the dates they ask or do I tell them about the previous years claims by telling them the exact date he moved in to compile the misery on this we decided to make a proper go of it and got engaged in January this year so it’s just another thing that they will find if they dig enough as the venue is now booked for 2022 im so ashamed and embarrassed by my actions i feel like there is no way up for air from all this and I don’t know which way is the best route to take, why oh why didn’t I cancel it when intended too earlier this year i should add this is for claiming working tax credits, I was a bit stupid, uneducated and naive in the beginning thinking that just being in a relationship with someone doesn’t make them have to “keep” you and as I was working presumed I was still entitled, trying to keep my own finances and independence
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