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  1. Hi folks, long story and going back a few years.... I’m in the process of selling my house and discovered that a charging order is on the property. This is from a old Lloyds loan sold to 1st credit which is now intrum. The CCJ was issued back in 2015 and the charging order in 2016. when I found out about the CCJ I was in the middle of complaining with Lloyds bank regarding the loan as I was complaining that the loan should not have being offered to me at the time on affordable issues as it was to consolidate my debts at the time and expecting our 3rd child in 4 years. the bank sold the debt on with the wrong address, this can be proven with the address they were writing to me as the complaint letters had my correct address at the time. The bank also wrote to Intrum outlining their mistake they made in giving the wrong address when selling the debt, i have letter confirmed to me this information was passed on. intrum went ahead and got the charging order knowing the address was incorrect and that I would not get any correspondence. intrum is now demanding £10.5k from the house sale. This is a sole debt on a joint mortgage. I have told the solicitor dealing with the sale this doesn’t need to be paid, but she is saying because they wrote back to her stating the amount owed, it now has to be paid. should I try and get this set aside with the issue of the address? Has it being to long? In fairness I have only just found out about the charging order. The mix up with the address is it is my property, how I have never lived in it and have never had my bank accounts listed to that address. I think when I ran into trouble back in 2012 I think they must have done a search and got it that way. any advice would be great. cheers.
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