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  1. Yes, this is what I've found and Unison, at my workplace anyway, is not the most dynamic and proactive of unions! Thanks for your advice - am still searching for my contract!
  2. Hi Manxman Yes, I'm a Unison member. I spoke to someone earlier this year when this happened once before. He felt (but wasn't absolutely sure) that this was wrong. I'm typing the clinic letters at home (connected to the hospital network with a VPN) as soon as they're dictated by the nurses (this is a nurse-led unit). If they have no patients to see, then no letters. It's not really the managers fault either - just the situation with Covid! Perhaps I work to fast and should space the letters out a bit myself, then this wouldn't happen! I go into the office once a week to print o
  3. I work as a medical secretary in our local General Hospital. I've been in the same department for 6 years, 5 as bank staff and 1 year as permanent, my contract is for 18.5 hours, which I do over four days with a short day on Friday; I'm the only secretary in the unit. Since Covid I've been working from home (which the hospital has encouraged staff to do) but go into the department on one day per week. A few weeks ago I was logged on and ready to work when I got a call from my manager at about 11 30 a.m. to say there would be no letters to do that day, so I could either owe them the time or
  4. Another really eventful day regarding JBW - the worst, and also the best, of all. Ha just got up at 8.00 a.m. when there was fierce knocking at the door. Go down, open door, man there from JBW who states because I haven't responded to their communications they have come down from Hull this morning to take possession of our car. Or I can pay £1074 NOW. No negotiation possible - it's one or the other. I showed him the letter from JBW saying that we have an arrangement in place (as detailed above). No, he said; this relates to a different numbered case. I told him
  5. Today has been a rather up & down day. Having received the red-bordered letter through the door yesterday, this morning, on my way to council offices, I called the person who signed it, one Steve - turns out this was the one who rang me two days ago. He started telling me that I had complicated matters by getting the council involved and I shouldn't have done that. I told him I had only got them involved because I rang them to check up about what the first bailiff had told me (about the council not happy to accept £537 and wanting £1000). He said that's nothing to
  6. Yes, I have been speaking with my council - have exchanged several emails with a named person there. I emailed her today to tell her what has been happening. Unfortunately perhaps I should have nagged them about responding to what they found on my income form, but I just thought "it's not so long, maybe this takes a bit of time...". I also felt reasonably "protected" having paid what for me is a huge lump only 2 weeks ago.
  7. On October 6th I scanned on the Income/Outgoings form and returned it to the lady at the council. I have heard nothing from them since, but I assumed this was intended to work out how much I could afford in repayments, monthly. Yesterday I got a call from a bailiff who said he was outside my house - I was t work. I tried to explain that I was waiting to hear from the council (or anyone, in response to the form) but he just kept saying that I owe the money and JBW have heard nothing from the council. Today I have received two texts from them, an email and a hand delivered letter w
  8. Thanks for all the help. Council Tax office don't see people in person any more - you have to do it over the phone. I've completed the form and will scan and send to them shortly. Have also told bailiff I am doing this. I've been meticulous (in this at least) to tell both parties what I am doing and when, and asked them both to make a note of my calls. Will come back when have some details after today. Thanks to all again.
  9. Thanks, dx Apparently they have 3 orders, and one of them is the AOE. My only excuse for being so useless is that at the time I was going through treatment for bowel cancer (all OK now but still being seen regularly by hospital), and my son was living with me, who has mental health issues. It was a bad time and things like council tax didn't seem to be a priority.....
  10. I realise now, after dx's info, that this is probably in the wrong section, but will update with news anyway. I did call JBW on Monday morning, told them about the AOE, but also said I'd talk to the council - I intended to go there on Thurs a.m. as no work that morning. However, on Tues a.m. I got a call from someone else at JBW. This one said he was an enforcement officer (the first one I spoke to was apparently just an enforcement agent - is there really a difference?) he was very forceful and unpleasant, saying he was coming round that morning to take our g
  11. Thanks for your help. I have contacted JBW this morning to tell them about AOE, but I will also ask the council for a complete break down of payments.
  12. Right, I see. Does that change any of the advice so far? Should I still contact them and tell them about the AOE from the council to my employer? Also I have paid several not inconsiderable sums to other bailiffs then, but don't know which ones or exactly how much - you can tell I'm not very good about keeping track of things.
  13. Thank you, dx There may possibly be others - I have paid various amounts in various chunks to various debt collectors over a good few years; these amounts were paid when I could borrow a few hundred sometimes or when I managed to get enough to pay some off, have been very difficult to keep track of, as paid at random times to several companies. I did ask the council once to tell me exactly what I now owed but have never been able to get a direct answer, as they say it's now up to the different collectors. On my current home I am ore or less up to date,
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