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  1. Thank you all for your help - I’ve made a separate contact to their investigations team, as the responses I received from both their online contact form and by speaking to a customer services assistant weren’t appropriate; I had to point out it was fraud and should be escalated. Disappointing and worrying that it wasn’t taken seriously. A wake up call about changing passwords regularly that’s for sure, I’ve spent most of today doing just that.
  2. I received two order confirmation emails last night from JD Williams, presumably charging them to my credit account. I have not placed these orders. One (for a pack of men’s socks so obviously the test order) has my address on the delivery details, but the other order is for 3 pairs of trainers, with a London delivery address added. i immediately changed my password for the account and have used the customer messaging facility to request the orders are immediately cancelled. I will try to phone this morning though I expect this maybe difficult at the current time. if the London order goes through, surely I will be protected and not be charged; could you advise please?
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