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  1. As far as I remember and by looking at the receipt, it was already included in the price of the laptop. Regarding the terms and conditions, I have no idea where to look for them. I might ask my mum to see if there is a mini book that came with the laptop and might contain the terms and conditions
  2. Not trying to be rude, but 90% of my last text was the disclaimar from Acer which could have helped somehow. I know I have the bad habit of making long paragraphs, but I'm sure Acer at least knows how to space and punctuate correctly.
  3. I wasn't able to find £1250 laptops only £1300 ones, but that is from a fast looking around with filters. I'm not sure about where I could find the terms and conditions, but I know for a fact acer is pulling this disclaimer in every email
  4. It broke in July but because I was abroad I couldn't have the chance to repair it, that would make it 1 year and like 6-7 months of using it
  5. I can't really find it on sites anymore, only amazon with $. It was an acer predator helios 300 with i7, Gtx 1060, 16 gb ram, 1 tb hdd and 256 gb ssd. My course is mainly 3d modelling and digital drawing which requires a pc/laptop. On week 6 there was a reading week so there were no classes at all and I had to spend 12 hours at uni every that week to try to chatch up with work. University allows students to use labs only when there are no classes so that's mainly 4-6 hours per day which is not enough for my course + 4 hours of there hours are from 5 pm to 9 pm.
  6. I bought it 2 years ago on 27th of November, but I sent it this year at the end of august. Now it's no longer under warranty but still in their centre repair because I sent it in time
  7. Long story short. I never contacted currys regarding my fan's laptop problem, although I bought it from them. I directly went for Acer's site and made the arrangements for repair under warranty. The laptop arrived there on 5th of September at their centre repair. It's now 29th of November and my laptop is not repaired and the service team from acer told it's not going to be repaired till next year because they don't have the stock to repair and even next year they don't have a date, it could be anywhere from January to December. What I'm supposed t
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