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  1. So do you think because she said she was happy with the responses that anything will happen at all? I just assumed as they were happy with my answers then all good. Didn't say about sending anything to me..
  2. Good evening all, Im hoping you can ease a stressed mind!! I had a random call yesterday regarding my benefit claim. Started off straight forward enough, in then informed of allegations against me as working while receiving benefits & also having a partner. Neither case is true. I look after my grand daughter while her mum works but that's all, a friend of mine helps with bits n bobs for me but we are not in a relationship. I do stress that given as the 'tip off was received over 7 months ago I am aware that my child was involved in a very heated custody battle then (& ongoing) & that I know that this call is malicious. end of the call in asked to confirm I agree with the statement & the officer says they are happy I have given the correct information they will call me in 2 weeks regarding a query on a top up I receive. They agree it is malicious. So what im feeling is, that it? investigation over? I have nothing to feel guilty of but when you have the many illnesses I have it's hard not to feel anxiety. Any help/advice is appreciated.
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