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  1. @cmas which website you use to find how many lawsuits were filed by Dassault in US ?? Can you please share I am not sure where to get data that how litigious this company is in Germany or in general in europe
  2. I have received second letter today with giving warning for legal action if not replied before 15th .. Can anyone suggest what to do ? @[email protected] I am not sure to what extent they have details available and they have kept ansys guys in CC as well .. My company is in India and i used it on IP address of Germany ..i am not sure what they can do ... @cmas .. But this looks like they are a bit serious about it now ..even my company do not have enough revenues to pay them for license .. Does anyone know in case if I got for settlement how th
  3. So you mean they haven't file any cases in respect with Ansys so far ?? Is there any websites I can check for ??
  4. Not replied to their email ..what usually they do next ?? @dx100uk @cmas do you know any cases where they stopped chasing ?? @cmas in your case they stopped chasing now ? also do you guys know websites where i can check how many litigations it went to in last years?
  5. Yes @dx100ukthey dont know if i have received it or not .. but who knows they might use some software to check if you have seen the email or not ?` @cmas what finally happened in your case ? My problem is my company is involved with this which can make things very difficult for me .. we do wish to buy this license but the costs are very very heavy. Do you know they force only to buy license or put penalties as well ? If you guys have heard of any cases ? For now I am not going to reply .. as they have given me date of 4th Dec .. let's see wha
  6. I have not used VPN its my mistakee Yes my company offers products and services in similar domains ..
  7. Thanks @dx100uk @cmas for your reply Letter is addressed to me with my company address ..i guess they took everything from my website .. This is my small company which is in struggling phase trying to do something ..don't have any money to give it to them ..i dot not have any registered office in Germany and company is registered in India.. What i should do guys suggest me ?? It seems they have my company details, my details, ip address they monitored
  8. They have also CCed people from ansys as well ..they have found my company and found my email addresses as well ..they have asked me to reply by 4th Dec ?? I have received this email from UK office and I am in Germany .. Also do they have all the simulation file logs as well ?? I haven't used it for any commercial but for my own learnings ..but i can't prove it as well but can they ??
  9. I have received the same letter om Friday from CJCH solicitors for Ansys infringement ..what i should do guys ??
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