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  1. And how do I get to my credit file Thank you I'm new here and I just heard that I can get support here I clicked on credit file and came across a list of stuff that I don't understand But thanks for removing the link Plus also the other guy for reassuring me that bailiffs can't come in
  2. DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. An Enforcement Agent may be allocated to your account and your goods may be removed. You can pay now using this link [removed]or contact CDER Group on 0330 107 0023, Ref ..... Security code . If anyone in your home has symptoms of COVID-19, is self-isolating or has been advised to shield, please contact us on 0330 107 0023 before we visit you at home I think this is in relation to a loan by Student Finance England (SFE).? However I am unemployed and sick and in my previous job some of the loan was taken from my pay slip automatically. But this only occurred if I earned a certain amount. What do I do? How do I deal with CDER and the threat of them entering my home and removing things. I'm not sure what I owe, though I believe it is thousands.
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