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  1. Thank you for the reply. The seller just asked to transfer the money and suggested friends and family. It wasn’t really discussed about the checkout style for the purchase. I’m not that familiar with the platform. I do think the parcel was sent, but as you say I don’t have any proof from the seller to show that a parcel was sent to my address, just a tracking number and delivery confirmation. I have tried to call Hermes to no avail and it seems the onus is back on the seller to investigate it as they sent it. Thanks all for you help and replies.
  2. I found the seller on Facebook (closed profile), and it links to their partner and shows partner’s place of work. It’s 150 miles away but I’d show up and ask for my money back if I needed too!!
  3. Ok thank you. No, the seller has confirmed the address back to me as I supplied. They sent me a photo of the package with my address on it but I can’t see the courier details on the photo of package to marry it all up. Just have the Hermes tracking number separately from the seller. Yes, and I’m too naive to have done it the ‘proper’ way.
  4. Via PayPal friends & family I realise now that wasn’t the greatest idea.
  5. Hi everyone, any help anyone can offer would be appreciated. I purchased a bag for £375 + £8 postage from an individual via Depop. I’m not that familiar with the Depop service but the transaction wasn’t completed via Depop’s checkout just via messages with the seller on the app. The seller posted the item a few days later and sent me a tracking number, and the item says delivered but it hasn’t arrived with me. When tracking online and asking for more info online it says the tracking number and delivery postcode (my home address) don’t match and the website doesn’t offer
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