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  1. Not done it yet They just deposited 1000 to my account so I assumed it was a way of saying sorry . I did ask for more but they said no
  2. But there were exceptional circumstance involved, they must count for something
  3. No as I had no access to them. Well I needed to support myself somehow. I will declare those savings on Monday though
  4. Probably not but those are the values of the defaults which I'm now being chased for. I don't think I will get 7 defaults removed, the best I can hope for is have them satisfied
  5. Apart from calling them multiple times what else could I do ? They kept telling me it will be dealt with. I could not call them everyday could I ? It's one hundred and fifty two thousand
  6. I will go elsewhere, but it doesn't mean i let them get away with ruining my credit history , regardless of anything it was a they who are responsible for ruining it not what I didn't do. If they did not block the account for no reason then nothing would have happened. Simple as that.
  7. It's £152000. Ie loans, car finance, credit cards etc. I did. Tried to resolve it with the bank but it never happened and about three weeks later the lockdown came. This is when my credit history started deteriorate with late payments and the chances of getting another bank account were low.
  8. Well the banks do record calls don't they so the court can ask them for the phone transcripts. It was all too much of a hassle trying to open a new account as I thought it would be resolved in a few days but clearly it was not. Anyway I will see how this goes.
  9. Got it, hsbc were aware, I told them and surely they could see the direct debits that had been going out of the account previously and that were now blocked. 10 months is indeed usual. I've never heard of it happen to anyone before but my gut feeling is that the lockdown had something to do with it. I will write to the CEO and see what he/she has to say but to get a large amount which is at least equivalent to all them defaults should I go to the court or the ombudsman ?. The ombudsman has a long wait of over 5 months at the moment. I could go directly to court and as I'm on Universal Credit I'm exempt from any fees.
  10. I did as much as I could do. I wasn't going to stay on the phone for 4 hours each time during the lockdown was I. Would court action likely succeed? A solicitor said something like this is likely to be breach of Duty.
  11. Fairly low amounts were going in from my PayPal account such as £150 every 4-5 days or so , I can't imagine such tiny amounts spooked them. It was a business account (had it since 2010) but I was entitled to use it as a personal account too ie pay for fuel etc. There is no law against that. Yes, when I first became aware of it as as letters were being sent by companies not getting their direct debits that's when I first knew and called them and they just told me it's under review. I did indeed tell them of the consequences i.e. car repossession, defaults etc but they still said they had to carry out the review. Only spoke to them once throughout the first lockdown due to the huge queues. In total I spoke to them about 4 times about this and wrote to them once. They did it did not reply to the letter. Bottom line, review done. Nothing identified. My credit history is wrecked for 6 years and I'm financially ruined. Do I have any comeback beyond the Paltry £1000 they have given ?
  12. The largest ever amount that went into that account was £500 which was about 7 months before it was blocked. There was no going forward income as the 1st lockdown came 6 weeks later and I went straight onto universal credit after that and have been on it ever since. Bottom line, at the time it was the only account I had add and all of my savings of £16500 were in there which I had no access to after it was blocked. Tried to contact the car finance company but no one was available throughout the pandemic likewise many other companies who registered a default
  13. Yes, letter simply stating review done, it didnt say it was simply down to a glitch in their system which caused them to review my account but nothing else could have caused it. The review took so long due to the pandemic and staff shortages. Nothing untoward was identified in the review and nothing was registered with cifas.
  14. Hello I will keep this short HSBC blocked my account without warning in January and only reopened it yesterday after 10 months. They've given me £1,000 as a way of saying sorry. The blockage was due to an error in their system but it has led to the following for me - 7 defaults on credit file to the value of £152000, rent arrears of £2000 , paypal has closed my account which I had since 2003 as one of the defaults was with their credit services and as a result of this my online business has gone bust as PayPal was the only way I could get payments from clients. Car repossessed as finance payments were also blocked. Can anyone advise if I have a case against HSBC either through the ombudsman or the County Court to recover all my losses ? They have already told me they will not be increasing their compensation . Thanks
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