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  1. Your supports mean to me a lot. What I have realised is money can’t buy happens and I have made a mistake which I have never done it before. I don’t save that much money and looking a job at the moment. As long they can send a letter to where I can collect it then I don’t mind but I’ll call them tomorrow. you have been supportive and May Gold help you too. Thank you
  2. I’m living with my friends now and looking a job. The only address I can give them is the one reside now but how would I communicate with TfL. I’m really shaking now and not how should I not think about this situation. My previews house mates used to tell me if I received letters when they used to live there but there are no longer reside there.
  3. I don’t reside that address anymore. I’m not if I’ll get a letter from that house anymore because there new people reside now.
  4. I’m trying to post the images If there any other way I can share with you the images? For some reason which I don’t know I can’t even post here. This is the first letter I received it. This is latest docs1.pdf
  5. I’m not sure where I have seen letter says “if you miss the first one you have last 10 more days”. I’m just getting lost. I’m really sorry
  6. I’m thinking of calling them and asking if they can reschedule the court again. I’m just a desperate person and I don’t have anyone. But I really appreciate you for you time. My previous letter says if I miss the first one I still have last 10 more days I’m not sure
  7. I have seen all of these on the letter sent by TfL except this “one specific event on xyz date ,...with other uses being by tickboxes to be taken into consideration and wiped if you agree?”. 1 - I have been asked to plead guilty and pay around £370 but not attend to the court but still the court will decide. 2 - Not plead guilty bring evidence to the court. 3 - Plead guilty and must attend to the court. I emailed back asking them for forgiveness before but they said they will investigate. then I decided to attend to the court then COVID-19 has happened. The sent me a letter which they have changed the court date, this happen 3 times. on the 25 was the date but I completely thought the date was on the 27th. im willing to pay even tho I’m very struggling at moment but I’m very scared and my current situation was bad I got robbed by gang who had knife even I reported, I can’t focus on my studies and I’m feeling like shuttered. I don’t know what to do next.
  8. I had received a couple of letters first one was about why did I use someone’s else, even tho it was actually me but the picture on the oyster was when my hair was short but inspector wrote that the owner of the oyster looked like the guy I caught. Then I emailed thro but they said they will invistegate. They send letters to my old address wich I no longer live there and it’s been a year now. But still I have communication with the other people who live there. I’ll scan and send you. Is it okay if I send tomorrow because I don’t a scanner at home?
  9. My income was low and I saw a guy who selling 16 plus oyster car for a £50, the I bought it. I though I could save some money for my travelling. The guy put fake details like my age but genuine picture of me. When I got by inspector asked me what’s my age and I was very nervous and I told a fake date of birth. After 3 month I received letter saying that I have to attend to the court. I know I’m very guilty and I wish I have never done this and I’m deeply sorry. And the house I was living it was sharing with other people. The inspector says that guy in the picture looked like me! he didn’t think that was me because that picture my hair was short compared the time he caught me. I no longer live there due to expensive rent. I’m always willing to improve my life become a better man. I don’t no family here and I’m stuck. It has been a year now since that I still think of it , i had a rough month.
  10. Thank you for your answer. I have no idea what’s going around me and I think too much about this situation. I’m just a guy who wants to live normal and never had like this issues before. I’m very stressed out. I don’t know how to contact TfL. I’m willing to apologise them and let them do whatever they want from except criminal records. I don’t have no family or anyone can help.
  11. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I really need a help for what I have done and I regret. I’m sorry my English isn’t that great but I hope you can help and I really appreciate it. Here my problem. 1 - I got caught while I was using a fake 16plus Oyster card while I was on my way to the shopping. The reason I bought it because I was struggling, family issues, I got robbed by gang and took my new bike which I bought the day before. 2 - when I saw the inspector I started panicking and the inspector asked my address, name and date of birth. I gave everything right except my date of birth was wrong. I’m no longer live in the preview address now. I’m no longer living the same address due to the rent was expensive and I can’t afford. I’m currently living with my friends for about a year now. Please help me if you can.
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