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  1. Very unusual indeed, not sure what made them go this direction but I am very happy. Mostly for the time saved! You are a hero and what you and other site team members are doing here, is restoring our faith in humanity. Bless you!
  2. It's okay all good, thank you! convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2020-11-27_18-08-42.pdf
  3. Well, I got the 2.89 automatically in my PayPal account. Regarding the 25, I didn’t find any process of accepting or rejecting but I had a couple of back and forth emails with them (Packlink). I responded saying that this amount is well off, which lead them to inform me about their enhanced insurance which I didn’t get. I responded back that it would only make sense if it wasn’t their liability. But since they confirm that they essentially didn’t provide their normal service of taking a parcel from one place to the other, they are liable. I haven’t received any more rep
  4. Thank you for your response. No, I have not paid for any additional insurance. What I have done until now is to raise a loss claim with Packlink. They have confirmed “the shipment as subject to tampering” and I got a refund of 25 GBP plus 2.89 GBP for the postage charge, which I’m waiting to receive. So based on your suggestions I assume I will need to raise a formal complaint with Hermes now and update you once I get a response. I have already started educating myself on the matter while waiting for a reply but I certainly have a long way to go. I a
  5. Nov 5: Sold iPad on eBay for 220 GBP, used eBay Packlink as it was recommended by eBay. Nov 6: Handed parcel over to the local shop. Parcel included iPad in its original box. Got proof of postage. Nov 9: Parcel received by buyer - after opening he realised he received a Jaguar/Landrover car part instead of an iPad. The packaging I used with the correct label was opened and the item was replaced. Nov 10: Filed a loss claim and started a tampering investigation with eBay Packlink Nov 25: Received response from eBay Packlink, confirming tampering, approving a refund of 25 GBP
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