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  1. Here is the response to the CPR. I've had to compress this quite a lot. If not readable I'll try again. CPR Response-compressed.pdf
  2. At present yes. I’m assuming that’s a more recent Covid related thing though. Yes. Defence filled in time Dx
  3. What an idiot I am! I went back to get these images of the sign the very next day but then got caught up in life and forgot to upload them here. I've today also received a response from BWLegal which i will upload too after editing out personal details. 14050A9C-D941-40FB-AFCD-DC98E32A7038-converted-compressed.pdf
  4. Interesting stuff, really good to know. Thank you. I’ll head back tomorrow when it’s clear and bright to get some new up close shots!
  5. I'm not planning on backing out now. Just wanted to be upfront and accurate with members on here. Let's play their game. From reading as much possible so far, am I correct in thinking that with some robust points, even if they were to be victorious in court, it is likely that they would have their frivolous "Unicorn Food Tax" charges reigned in? That's the impression I'm getting from other posts. Again, thank you all so much for your assistance thus far, it's sincerely appreciated!
  6. Around the time I used that carpark quite frequently and would always pay on the App. I don't often carry change and the pay machines there were notorious for not connecting for card payments - NCP always blamed Vodafone's coverage. If my dates are correct, I had a new staff member with me on that day and we were headed for lunch. I was also in a hire car. As the hire car wasn't registered to the parking App I think it's highly likely I intended to pay for the parking when sat down for lunch but ultimately failed to do so.
  7. I haven't submitted yet, following your advice and waiting until 3pm-ish I checked back through my work calendar thoroughly and I believe I remember the day in question and think I'm likely in the wrong. Is it safe/wise to explain here?
  8. Thanks Dave, greatly appreciated! Working on the SAR right now. I've attached my images in a PDF NCP.pdf
  9. I’ve read the last few years of successes looking at defence points and as people seem to be a little less hopeless than me and haven’t left it so late and already have pictures of signage etc I’ve collected the points that seem to work with the vagueness I need at this point. 1. It is admitted that Defendant is the recorded keeper of [motor vehicle]. 2. It is denied that the Claimant entered into a contract with the Defendant. As held by the Upper Tax Tribunal in Vehicle Control Services Limited v HMRC [2012] UKUT 129 (TCC), any contract requires offer and acceptance.
  10. Thank you both for those replies. Dx, I'll get that CPR off ASAP. Would you mind clarifying when you say "use our 2 -5 line defence". Does this literally mean a defense thats 2 to 5 lins in length? Many thanks! Dave, you're absolutely correct. I always ignore letters from these sorts of firms. The place is very local so no bother at all to get back there.
  11. Good Afternoon guys! Name of the Claimant: National Car Parks Limited Claimants Solicitors: BW Legal Date of issue: 27th October 2020 Date for AOS: 5th November (AOS was completed on 10th November) Date to submit Defence: 29th November (This is a Sunday so: 27th November) What is the claim for: 1.The Claim is for the sum of £189 being the contractual charge due from the Defendant in respect of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for a contractual breach which occurred on 05/11/2018 in the private car park/land at Lincoln B
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