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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply. You are correct, I supposed the only way forward is to treble check that sellers who claims they will be using Royal Mail or another courier in their listing don't use Hermes before making the payment. And ask ones who state they will be using Hermes if would consider using another courier before bidding. I hope one day buyers get better legal protection and are told (as a compulsion) who will fulfil the delivery for online transactions. Till then, it may not be fruitful to lose more time and money on Small Claims Court fees if they chances o
  2. Thanks a lot of the reply. I appreciate the support you provide on this platform. I have faced losses as a buyer since I moved to Wales four years ago. I did not seem to have the same issues previously where I previously lived in the Midlands. Over the past four years, Hermes has lost all 6 of my eBay parcels and delivered numerous other retail parcels to an incorrect address that is similar to mines, but has a different post code. The total value of the lost items exceeds £1000. I have never faced any issues with any other courier. Although I received
  3. Can anyone advise, please? I understand that Hermes contract is with the seller. But, to date (over a period of 4 years) this company has lost ALL my eBay parcels! I recently purchased a rare and discontinued Tom Ford item and didn't know the seller would use Hermes. And, as expected, Hermes 'lost' the parcel at its National hub. Luckily I found a replacement from the US. However, the original item was £20 but the replacement cost £120. Do I have any chance of winning, if I sue Hermes for the loss of £100 caused by their constant negligen
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