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  1. yes i saw that topic and am trying to get in touch with him, but the site doesnt allow me to message, until 11 posts?
  2. hi i am slightly confused. I believe i have a serps pension pot in addition to my state pension. Will this get paid to me along with the state one when i retire, or does it get paid to me separately from the original fund? I have been on government gateway, and it tells me of this separate amount, but i am at a loss as to which pension fund it came from, (i had many), and how to get it paid if that is the case thanks in anticipation
  3. Hi I am trying to trace an NFC pension dating back to 1978-1988. i have tried various tracing sites inc the Govt one, but to no avail. I think the fund was taken over in 2000 by Exel logistics, but not sure. Any former employees out there, or other experts who could help?
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