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  1. OK, incase interested, and so this is public, I wrote to DPD Group to ask for clarity. They sent this: We confirm we are not Parcel2Go.com Limited. Parcel2Go.com Limited (Company No. 02591405) uses the trading name DPD Local Online which is not connected to our companies. You will find a link to the Terms & Conditions on their website here which states they are Parcel2Go.com Limited and they are the contracting party at Condition 1. b): https://www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk/content/about-terms. County Court Claims must therefore be issued against Parcel2Go.com Limited as opposed
  2. https://www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk/content/about-terms https://www.dpdlocal.co.uk/terms-and-conditions.jsp You can see why it would be difficult to know who I am taking to Small Claims court. DPDLOCAL: A SERVICE PROVIDED BY PARCEL2GO.COM 1. PROVISION OF SERVICES a) The www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk website is hosted by Parcel2Go.com Limited (this Website Service). b) This Website Service is provided to you by Parcel2Go.com Limited and your Contract for the Transportation of your goods and other services is formed with Parcel2Go.com Limited. c) The Services
  3. I wrote to DPD UK (dpd.co.uk) when I first heard the school hadnt received the goods, asking about this and they redirected me to DPD Local (who is seems are Parcel2Go.com Ltd) They did not tell me they are not legally linked. Same logo. So yes definitely an issue worth looking at In their correspondence I have found 'DPD Local DPD4227962 Parcel2Go.com Case ID 1077382' We have a VIP account with Parcel2go.com Ltd. Hence explaining to DPD Local that our experience with Parcel2go is very different - they give us the local tracking to chase if asked. No mention that the two ar
  4. So I now know the claim is with parcel2go. At no point have I been told that. So when going to small claims I am making a claim against Parcel2Go. As a comsumer action group site I would think those taking action against DPD Local would be interested. I can count 11 times in correspondence with DPD (local) when I ask DPD why they don't do what parcel2go do when I ask for the local courier and tracking, to chase a parcel - and to find out who has said they scanned the parcel as being delivered August 28th at 11.30am. I always get that info from the parce2go web site. On no occasio
  5. Thank you! parcel2go offer a price comparison service and DPD will be a choice. They are a third party company who just facilitate the billing. We usually use them. I tried to get info from DPD and struggled, and they gave me a different email - But it seems that the DPD site we used for this booking ARE parcel2go. Its highly misleading. It’s only now that I realise I wasn’t sending my parcels with ‘DPD’ even though the DPD logo is on the site. https://www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk See Terms and Conditions b) This Websi
  6. Well now this is interesting. My assistant chose NOT to use parcel2go (who we usually use) as more expensive, and so went direct with DPD. But in their terms and conditions it says DPD local IS parcel2go? https://www.dpdlocal-online.co.uk/content/about-terms So they had said it had been scanned and delivered. If so on what grounds are they even offering to pay 50 pounds plus the shipping fee? If they have this proof, then why? What are they NOT disclosing? They had this confirmation from the courier. So why not tell me to contact the person who received it (and tell me who that was)
  7. There was no extra insurance taken out - it is showing as having been covered for 50 pounds. See attached. Declared value 425 pounds. In our DPD account it is showing as having been delivered August 28th at 11.30am but no info about which courier company they used for the final (AU) part of the journey. I was told by someone at DPD when I called, that it was showing as Fastway couriers. I actually have no idea who I spoke to and how- I may have called a DPD warehouse (it didnt sound like customer services!) But Fastway said they dont deliver to that post code. The schoo
  8. I have realised, since posting this, that the 'value' we would be wanting is to get us back to the position we were in before this, ie the amount it will cost us to order new books to send out to them. Not the sale price (the amount they bought them from us for) which was the declared value on the parcel info. The value is higher than the declared value. Tried to update but must have been too long after posting. Thanks again for any advice about resolving this quickly.
  9. We are a UK limited company in the UK and posted children's books (that we buy from our supplier) to an AU school August 20th, and it shows in the DPD account as having been delivered August 28th. Therefore no action needed. In October the school contacted us to ask where the books were. Because of covid they had thought perhaps delayed. I gave delivery details. (August 28th) They said def no delivery. However they did say that this was not a suprise; they had been told a few parcels had been delivered when they hadnt. (So did the courier scan it but not deliver it) I conta
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