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  1. Well, it will a limited half hour conversation tomorrow. But that will be it, mainly it's to definitely get clear in my head that I am entitled to a refund before sending the letter. Will feed back what I can though. Modified slightly below:- Dear Sir/Madam, On xx/xx/xx date I entered into a contract with you for windows – reference the signed quotation number xxxxxx The requirements were clearly laid out and specified in the signed quote attached to my e-mail of date xx/xx/xx. Despite that you eventually supplied items which did not tally with the agre
  2. Looks good, though I'd possibly have to change it to be asserting my right as part of the letter. I have sent them a previous e-mail with the words 'I do not accept this item, which is effectively not as described and as such am entitled to a refund under the consumer rights act 2015.' But I didn't use the words "right to reject", I was going to do it after taking the legal advice tomorrow and put it in the letter itself...the 30 days runs out on 5th so still time but not much. I have the name of their CEO, Martin Randall, and his address and plan to send copies both to his listed address a
  3. Hi, I've shortened the rest of it considerably. Not sure what to do with this paragraph though?! Repeated requests for a refund on the glazing only have been met with refusal citing your terms and conditions and stating you will only reorder the glass. I would point out that this variation of specification was not by prior agreement, and hence I am not bound to pay for it under your own terms and conditions (2.3 No variation to the Contract shall be binding unless agreed in writing by authorised representatives of the parties). Additionally as the item has not been made to my speci
  4. Interesting point on the mediation, I thought I had to make it clear I was prepared to do that. If they chose to go directly court without offering it, presumably that reflects badly on them. I'm not concerned about the frames falling apart, it's the same frames I had back in 2012 from a different company and they were still fine when I sold my flat last year. Glaziers I'm sure I can find somewhere else (and already have - a different glass supplier to that which Crystal uses). But you make a good point, I may well reject the lot! It's this company http://crystal-direct.co.uk/.
  5. Think you've got the wrong Crystal there Slick132...it's Crystal Clear Group Ltd. There's a lot of companies with Crystal in the name! I agree could take out the struck through part about evidence, although they already have it all already, but I think I need to leave the part about mediation/ADR in, it's important to show I'm open to these, that and the next line came from a template letter before action. Have asked for that post to be removed via the report button, just in case, the rest of the thread can stay!
  6. ...Just found this https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/06034544 I can write to their CEO at their registered office. Not sure if I need to send the letter to both, but figure why not.
  7. No, though I did get a call back just this morning (from someone I'd not spoken to before at Crystal) and I now have the name of their CEO and confirmed I can write to him at the address I ordered from. Good idea though. Provisional letter below (names replaced), minor adjustments may be made following the legal advice:-
  8. Hmm, good to know. I did e-mail CAB as I mentioned, will see what they have to say. I'll be putting the advice from an actual trained solicitor above theirs though. I drafted a letter this evening, and was having a look at their T&C's. One of these says 'No variation to the Contract shall be binding unless agreed in writing by authorised representatives of the parties.' I'd say varying the spec is varying the contract, therefore I shouldn't be bound to pay for the item concerned. Also, on their website they have the term 3.5 C
  9. Hi, I'm a member of Unison, so I don't think so? As a member I can claim half an hours free legal advice, which should be enough to clarify my position.
  10. Good point. I was going to wait till Thursday as I'm getting some free legal advice then. I'm only 90% sure I'm right. I have till 5th Dec in theory...I was thinking wait and get the legal advice, then send a letter before action addressed to "Dear CEO" or similar immediately once I'm 100% confident I do have the right to reject and send it back. I have already requested a refund several times. The company are now it would seem just not responding to my phone calls/e-mails (I sent several over the weekend, maybe I'll get a response tomorrow but not holding m
  11. Debit card. As I said, this is the second time this has happened to me. Plus I've not had an explanation of exactly how this happened, despite asking. I know their reassurance when I asked for confirmation the glass would be to my specification was a load of rubbish, so why should I be forced to trust them again? I should have the right to take my business elsewhere and obtain a refund if they get it wrong, my problem is I'm not sure yet whether I do.
  12. Hi. Yes I have confirmation. I only signed their quote after merging a PDF of the glass spec I wanted into their quote and labelling it as the appendix, adding to the additional notes saying all glass as per the spec in the appendix on page 1 and signing it on page 1. Their quote says on that page in bold 'only sign off when you are sure all is correct'. I also have written confirmation from their head of customer services that 'they ordered the wrong glass' and written confirmation from the glazier they used with PDF details (in a lot of detail) of the two different specs, the one
  13. ...you're right, it's Crystal Clear Ltd in Letchworth (though they have multiple locations all over).
  14. Hi, thanks! 1) I don't know if that's allowed, and as I may end up taking them to small claims will politely to decline to name for the time being. After it's all dealt with, sure. Or you can PM me and I could tell you (if that's possible on here, I've just joined so still figuring it out). 2) Just over £1800, however the glass cost, the part I'm asking for a refund on, is ~£1190. The frames are fine. 3) 40mm triple glazed, warm edge spacer, argon, Planiclear glass throughout, Planitherm One T inner two panes to hit U value of 0.6. None of it's installed, it was supply only, I p
  15. Hi. I ordered windows which I received 5th of this month, they were ordered with a bespoke glass specification. The company (or the glazier they used, they're cagey about exactly what happened) messed up the glass order I got a different, lower thermal performance specification. I would like to keep the frames and reorder the glass myself, and have asked for my money back on the cost of the glass. They are refusing to do this citing their terms and conditions, saying they will only reorder the glass to my original specification. I don't want to do th
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