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  1. Yes I can provide the concial tax letter, and also to get original agreement should i request to lowell or arogs or both. Should i contact to court and asked the full details claimant claim bundle?
  2. As i kept my postal address there and didn't changed, but can take in writing from the landlord that i was not living there, how to get rid of that CCJ.
  3. As was living on rented accommodation but that property was belong to one of family member therefore didn't bother to change the address. No idea where to start as CCJ is there.
  4. As I mentioned i am not aware about argos card, and lowell informed me that account was open with argos and 2013 annd sold to them in 2014 and last payment was made 5 pound in july 2014.
  5. Dear Respected members, I came to know have a CCJ against my name and CCJ was by default on November 2016, I contracted to court and found that solicitors known as Cohen acted on the behalf LOWELL, i contacted to Lowell and asked all the file which they hold against my name and also requested to send me a copy of original agreement as they claimed that original creditor was Argos and account was open with them in 2013. In 2013, I was not in the UK and explained to them, anyway cut the story today I received my file what they hold in that couldn't found original agreement as they claimed. Kindly if someone can help me what the next action should be taken?
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