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  1. Hello everyone! Still not heard anything back from after filing my Hermes claim. What is my next step please? I would like to start a small claims ideally. Kind regards, Dan
  2. little update for you guys, have been in contact with Tesco mobile and they have blocked the phone for us.
  3. How do I go about blacklisting the phone? I have tried to research this as I have the IMEI number but still none the wiser.
  4. The phone was reported as stolen with the police today (online form) so hopefully they will blacklist the phone. I did declare with Hermes that it was an iPhone and I did also declare it was £250 and that's exactly what I sold it for on eBay.
  5. I used Hermes directly to send the package, I only filled out the claim form yesterday so will wait until 2 weeks time to progress. This is all new to me but I am slowly learning the process and appreciate your help. Kind regards, Dan
  6. Hi Guys! "Hermes lost my parcel worth £250" I sold an iPhone to someone on eBay Tuesday 10/11/20 for £250, I dropped it off that evening to my local parcel locker. I received a tracking update the following day saying Hermes had collected the parcel from the locker. Since this there has been no further updates and I have an email from Hermes admitting they have lost my item and I should fill out a claim form. I didn't take out any insurance it was just a standard delivery but I paid extra for it to be a signed delivery. So far we have reported the phone as stolen to the police and I am awaiting my Hermes claim form to be looked into but I know I am not going to get back more than £20 regardless. I have done a good few days of research on here and also on the Hermes Facebook group, but I would like some advice on my next steps please. Kind regards, Daniel
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