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  1. Afternoon all, I’m just scanning through the forum to try and get a feel for the what next chapter... If anyone has any experience in any way similar to our situation I would really appreciate some comments, tips and do’s or don’t’s. Some questions that are whirling around my head...Are the options from the defence binary in that it’s struck out or judgement is awarded to Cabot? If this defence is denied: 1. Will the CCJ be awarded automatically without any further defence?: a) or if further defence is permitted would my brother have to go to court as he won’t cope with th
  2. All submitted as per your initial draft at 15:45hrs today. Guess I just wait now to see what arrives in the post. Thank you all for everything you’ve done for us. Massively appreciated whatever the outcome may be.
  3. Thank you again so much for sorting this for me. I am concerned about the detail in point 6 of Andyorch draft that she completed for me. 6. On receipt of this claim I requested by way of CPR 31.14 and a section 78 dated the 10th October 2020 requests for copies of any documents referred to within the Claimants particulars to establish what the claim is for within the 14 day period by way of signed for letter. The Claimant has confirmed they do not have the relevant documents at this stage and are therefore unable to enforce the agreement in court I have highlighte
  4. Is this any good? I am unsure how to end it as in...what am I asking for, more time? or set aside? I am sorry that I am so useless with this but the formality and court bits really scare me. No matter what happens do I need to load this up onto the MCOL, using defend all this afternoon by 4pm? DEFENCE The Claimants claim relates to an alleged Credit Card Agreement between the defendant and New Day Ltd (Marbles). Whilst it is accepted that the defendant has in the past had financial dealings with New Day Ltd, the defendant cannot recall with precision the alleged debt the c
  5. So are you saying that I won't harm if I don't submit my defence by 4pm today?
  6. Thank you, I’m on to these now. Should I add to the defence the complicating factors of his MH diagnosis and vulnerability as described by his consultant psychiatrist? So in this case: -we have not seen nor found the default notice or pre-action protocol. We caN't say with absolute certainty that it wasn’t sent but that we have never received it +/- that part of his diagnosis of BAD means he won’t open mail or answer unknown numbers. N' -Debts were run up by an ex partner and hidden from him. Only when brother had suicide attempt and got into MH crisis team that the fa
  7. Thank you so much for helping me with this, you honestly have no idea what a difference you have made. Today, I have posted off the two letters registered signed for to Cabot and the solicitor. My brother and friend did send a letter to Cabot on the 29th October after we received the claim form and the friend knew about you which is how I ended up here. Unfortunately they did not send the letter registered post and put it into the normal 1st Class mail. I guess that’s worthless as we have no proof of sending it. I did reference it in the letters I sent today and encl
  8. Name of the Claimant? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue 20th October 2020 Particulars of Claim 1.By an agreement between New Day Ltd RE Marbles & the Defendant on or around 08/09/2015 (the Agreement) New Day Lts RE Marbles agreed to issue the Defendant with a Credit Card. 2.The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments due. 3.The Agreement was Terminated following the service of a default notice. 4 The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. T HE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1. £3475 and
  9. Dear All, I am seeking urgent advice and then some general advice about debt & mental health. My brother has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder following a MH crisis and suicide attempt not helped by huge debts (that none of us were aware of). He had a CCJ pack sent that I’ve been trying to help him with but it’s proving difficult with the lockdowns & pandemic. I’ve gone into money claim online website and checked the more time needed box (14 days) but the deadline is fast approaching. The form was issued on 20t
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