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  1. Hi thank you for your reply Bank Fodder. My partner called the local number of Trading standards (that’s what he told me, we don’t live together) and explained the situation to them and they advised to use a complaint letter and request for refund from CAB website. They have advised that he should send the letter giving them 14 days to respond. That’s what we did last night. TS have asked him to get in touch back with the said reference number regardless of the outcome. To be honest I am not sure why he used cash, he is a builder and the vehicle he bought is a p
  2. Thank you for those names. I will check with the boyfriend if he met any of those people. Yes he looked at the autotrader reviews so I will make sure I add one on to reflect their true service.
  3. To receive a response from dealership. If not resolved notify TS to take further action
  4. Hi trading standards were quite helpful and issued a reference number and provided timescales before they take action. We have to use the template for getting refund.
  5. It is my boyfriend’s car, sadly no we didn’t check the reviews. But we are not going let them get away with this. We have already reported this to trading standards.
  6. Thank you for your reply. The name of the dealer is Motorhub in Bradford https://www.motor-hub.co.uk/
  7. Thank you for adding me to the group. My partner bought a vehicle from a dealership yesterday, it was 200 miles away but it was the car he wanted. He was unable to test drive it due to current regulations and purchased the vehicle as a click and collect. He paid £13k. On the way home (30 min into the drive) the engine management light came on so he stopped and called the dealer who advised it is normal as the car was not driven in a while. So he continued driving. After another 15 miles or so away the engine ceased and smoke came from the engine.
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