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  1. Been at at it years. Three parking raps before this, one a council ticket, Rotherham council tax dispute, Diamond holiday resorts, Bristol street motors and until this summer undefeated. Drove the wife to East Midlands airport and she said 'you might as well drop me off here and I'll walk to the terminal' so I pulled off the road and off she trotted. Unwittingly I had done so in a restricted zone and a week later received the letter. I gave my standard type response-' put some decent signs up, and dispense with the usual threats an
  2. They may be changing the rules but someone like Renshaw Smith will already have his next scam worked out. You may call him simple Simon but he's far form that (can't we refer to him as Piers Morgan or something similar) The fact that he runs 2 companies from the same building suggests that if 1 loses the right of access to the DVLC database, the other one can pick up the reins. It's a bit like an arms race, he aint going to quit and neither shall we.
  3. To the site team, yes it was a private company called Excel. They deal with car parks. They have a sister company called VCS who deal with the airports. Both share the same offices in Sheffield, and these people will not back down. They have a policy of always following through court action, and don't mind losing the odd case because most people bottle it. (Other firms have always backed down when their bluff has been called) They are owned by a weasel called Simon Renshaw Smith (AKA captain clampit) who earns £750,000 pa out of peoples misery.
  4. Just heard today that the court has thrown out a claim against my wife, for not putting our registration number in properly. The company involved have postured for over a year over this, which suggests that they rely on fear, or just wearing you down. It's a numbers game and they don't mind taking the odd hit because most people back down. They have made an accusation that has to be proven. You only have to cast doubt. Let them take you to court. The court will send you forms to fill in and you can submit your defence. Point out that for
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