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  1. Hello I wonder if anyone can share any advice on this please or have experience of being approached about a store card debt from nearly 20 years ago? Brief summary - I had a store card through GE capital in 1999 (Apparently, I don't remember) They tell me there was debt on it at some point, for which a CCJ was subsequently issued in 2008 (I don't recall receiving one) but the service address was a property that was also repossessed in 2008 (I've moved a few times since then) Later 2008 in was declared bankrupt (they were not aware of this) Hoist Finance apparently bought the debt from GE capital in 2013, so even that was 9 years ago! They have now written to me demanding payment. Can anyone advise what is my position and how I should respond in this situation?
  2. I have been contesting a more than 7 year old mobile phone debt which Lowell Solicitors brought against me. They harassed me for months and would not accept that the debt was statute barred, but also couldn't provide any evidence to support their claim, saying that this was not available/not necessary. A court claim followed, which I defended (with thanks to inspiration from reading other peoples similar experiences on this forum) and today I was delighted to receive the confirmation below that the claim has been discontinued. For anyone else in the same situation I hope this gives you some encouragement to keep going and stand your ground. They're entire business seems to be in buying old debts which they know cannot be recovered, but they harass and intimidate people until they pay up.
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